#OlympicRecap: The Final Five’s Fantastic Friendship

the final five

The girls of The Final Five remind us all that teamwork is what really matters…

There’s been speculation as to why the girls of the US gymnastics team, who have coined themselves The Final Five, have done so well during the Olympics.  They won gold in the team all around.  Simone Biles won four gold medals and a bronze.  Gabby Douglas is known for being the first African-American woman to win gold in the all around in 2012.  Laurie Hernandez won silver in beam.  Aly Raisman won two silvers and Madison Kocian won silver for the uneven bars.   In total, the team won ten medals this year.  That’s quite the achievement for one team.  In fact, NBC announcers said that the The Final Five are the most successful gymnastics team in history.  However, what makes them so successful?

the final five

Obviously, hard work and dedication to the sport play a huge role, but one thing everyone who’s been watching has realized is that The Final Five have a friendship that’s not really seen anywhere else in Olympic sport.  An article on fusion.net contributed the girl’s success to “stealing communist ideas”, by putting the team first, ahead of the individual sport.  Assuming that’s true, it’s proven to have done very well for these girls.  But I think it’s more than a political stance to the sport for these girls.  These girls have genuinely shown that they actually care for one another, and that’s been important to their success.

Raisman told TIME Magazine: “The priority is the team gold medal, and then we focus on the individual ones.”  While that sounds like their focus is solely on the sport, continuous quotes and actions from the girls showed that it wasn’t their own success that mattered to them.

“I think I was more proud of Aly getting silver than me gold,”  Biles said about their individual all-around performance.  Kocian and Hernandez left Raisman a note after the aforementioned individual all-around that said, “We’ve looked up to you from the beginning.”   Raisman also accounted that Douglas left her a nice text, and then that her teammates “swarmed [Biles and Raisman] with lots of hugs.”  And this is just the girls supporting Raisman.  This isn’t to mention Raisman cheering Biles on from the sidelines, and hugging Biles continuously throughout various competitions.  Or how the girls were always seen watching the others from the bleachers.

The Final Five’s friendship has played a deep role in their success throughout the Rio Olympics.  Supporting one another, bringing each other up, and constantly being there for one another.  TIME ran an article about how friendship is scientifically proven to help the success of one another, and The Final Five proven that to be true even further.



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