#OlympicRecap: The US Women’s Track and Field Team

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Time and again, these girls blew us away.

Track and Field may not have gotten the attention that Simone Biles and the Final Five did, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t deserve the same amount of attention.  Their stories may have even started before the Olympics, when US teammate Kendra Harrison didn’t make the Olympic cut, but still managed to make history shortly after the Olympic trials.  The members of the US track team that did make the Olympics made history, too.

US team member, Allyson Felix, won a total of three medals.  One silver for 400m, and two gold for 4x100m relay and 4x400m relay, respectively.  Although, the 4x100m relay caused Felix some major trouble, which resulted in one of the biggest stories in the Rio Olympics.

During the aforementioned relay, Felix was bumped into by a Brazilian athlete who wasn’t quite in her own lane.  As a result of the contact, Felix dropped the baton she was carrying as she reached to hand it off to English Gardner, the next runner in the race.  Because of the drop, the US was disqualified.  However, they protested, and were given another shot because Felix had been bumped, and it wasn’t a fault of her own.  This lead to the US team winning the gold, beating out second-placing Jamaica in the 4x100m.

In the 4x400m, both the US and Jamaica had a huge lead in the race, but the US was constantly ahead of everyone else.  Felix anchored the race, crossing the finish line to deliver the sixth consecutive gold for the US in the women’s 4x400m according to NBC.  Allyson Felix is now the most decorated woman in track and field in history.

In another story, for the first time ever, three US women swept in an Olympic track event.  Brianna Rollins, Nia Ali, and Kristi Castlin won the medals in the 100m hurdles.  Rollins won the gold, Ali the sliver, and Castlin the gold.  It was the first sweep done by women in track and field in Olympic history, and it was the first Rio Olympics gold in the track and field events for the USA.

The US women’s track and field team was astonishing to watch over the course of the Olympics, with all their ups and downs.  When the 2020 Tokyo Olympics rounds that corner four years from now, I’m sure people will be able to say the same.



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    Loved watching these ladies in Rio! Thanks for the update…

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