NHL Hires The First Full-Time Woman Coach

dawn braid

More and more women are being hired by sports teams and the NHL team, the Arizona Coyotes has followed suit.

Dawn Braid is not the first full-time woman coach to be hired by a professional all-male sports team and by looking at recent patterns she certainly won’t be the last.  Though there have been many women in sports positions throughout the decades, a new pattern of hiring women has surfaced in the coaching positions.  Fellow HerDaily writer, Mary Coyne, wrote an article here about women being hired in the NFL.  Besides Kathryn Smith, noted in the aforementioned article, there have been other female hires in recent history across sports, such as Becky Hammon in 2014, the first full-time female coach in the NBA.  Now, Dawn Braid joins the others as one of the many female hires to come.

Braid worked with the Arizona Coyotes as a part-time skating instructor last year and her promotion came to light on August 24th of this year.  She had also worked with a number of other NHL teams throughout the last few years, such as the Maple Leafs, the Sabres, the Ducks and the Flames.  Of the promotion Braid said in a statement,  “I’m very excited about this opportunity with the Coyotes.  I’m looking forward to working with Dave Tippett and his coaching staff and all the great players in the organization.”

dawn braid

She went on to say that she took pride in the fact that the Coyotes took enough pride in her to give her the position and to name her the first full-time female coach in NHL history.  “I’ve worked very hard for this opportunity,”  she stated.  “It’s been going on for years, and I just look forward to going even further with it.” 

The 2016-17 NHL regular season starts off on October 12th and the Coyotes first regular season game is on October 15th against the Philadelphia Flyers.



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  • Mary C.

    It’s pretty exciting to see all the women breaking down the barriers in these male-dominated sports! Great article Mariah…and thanks for the mention!

    • Mariah L

      Of course, Mary! 🙂