#SportBits … Ashton White: Female Football Recruit

ashton white

So there’s this girl  who lives in Houston County, Alabama. She’s in seventh grade and her name is Ashton White. Ashton grew up playing soccer. She plays for a traveling team in her hometown. Soccer is her sport of choice and she’s got one heck of a leg.

Ashton goes to Wicksburg High School which includes kindergarten through 12th-grade. Wicksburg High doesn’t have a soccer team. It does have a varsity volleyball and softball team; both of which Ashton plays for.  It also has a football team – and when coach Josh Cox got wind of Ashton and her mad soccer skills, he recruited her for his team. The Wicksburg Panthers needed a kicker and Cox thought he had found one. His players thought it was a joke.

“They’re like, ‘Coach Cox, really, you have a girl you’re going to have kicking out here at practice?’ I said, ‘Yeah, y’all just wait and see.’ ~ Coach Josh Cox

Ashton proceeded to kick 12 in a row and the team has never looked back. In her first game earlier this month she kicked 6 out of 7 extra-points. When asked about the experience she said,

“It was really just an adrenaline rush,” White said of the first made PAT. “You run out there for the first time and your heart is beating really fast. As soon as he snaps it, all you focus on is the ball.” ~ Ashton White


ashton1Dothan Eagle


Ashton has strong support from her family. Her brother Seth is a sophomore and plays for the Panthers too. Her mother Teri admitted to being nervous seeing her daughter on the field with all the boys, but like any good mother she supports her child’s passion.

“Her father and I probably had more nerves than she did,” she said. “She loves it and we’ll just keep encouraging her to continue.” ~ Teri White

Ashton wears the helmet and all the pads and feels protected “like a little sister” when out on the field and she’s set some lofty goals for herself. “I want to make a 40-yarder by my 10th-grade year,” she said “and maybe play in college.”

Oh, I can’t wait to cover THAT story ~> the first female football player in the NCAA. Football…it’s not just the boy’s club anymore.

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