Simone Biles Is Writing A Book

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Did you guess that it would be an autobiography?

Even if you didn’t watch the 2016 Rio Olympics this year (and many people did not), you’ve probably heard of Simone Biles, her gymnastics team “the Final Five” and the team’s amazing achievements.  Now Simone Biles is going to give people a medium to read her story from cover-to-cover.

The book will be available for purchase on November 15th this year and is entitled “Courage to Sour”.  Alongside Simone Biles writing about herself, she co-wrote her autobiography with best-selling author Michelle Buford.  Buford has previously helped Biles’ fellow U.S. Gymnastics teammate, Gabby Douglas, pen her autobiography “Grace, Gold and Glory”.  In Biles’ autobiography there will also be a forward  written by U.S. Olympic legend, Mary Lou Retton.

News has spread about the book since its announcement, but there’s not much information on it as of yet.  Biles herself spoke a little about her upcoming book on the popular talk show, Ellen explaining just what it was about in a couple of sentences.  Biles hopes that with this being published, any rumors on the internet that could be spread about her won’t last long and will be debunked quickly.  “[ … ] it’s coming from me so that people don’t read something on the internet and they’re a little bit unsure of it,”  Biles said on Ellen.  “So it’s about my life, a little bit about my family and then how I got to where I am.”

In fact, Biles has already had to debunk rumors before her publication has even come out.  On September 13th, Russian hackers released confidential medical information on Biles and other U.S. Athletes.  Biles had tested positive for a banned drug ‘methylphenidate’, but she is given an exception because of her medical condition.  Biles takes the drug for her ADHD, which she spoke about after the leak happened.

Simone Biles has made incredible athletic feats throughout her career.  In 2012 she was put on the National Team and altogether she has won seventeen gold medals, three silver medals and three bronze.  Four of those gold medals were won at the Olympics this year and one bronze medal was won in Rio, as well.

However, even past her athleticism, her life has been interesting and varied.  She has more than enough to speak about in her upcoming book and it will be interesting to see how far into her life and her family she dives into within her autobiography.



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