FC Barcelona Might Create A Soccer Team In The NWSL

fc barcelona

FC Barcelona thinks they can boost their profile in the US by joining the NSWL.

In early September of 2016, FC Barcelona opened an office in New York.  This is the next step in their move to the United States.  FC Barcelona wants to expand into woman’s soccer, and interestingly enough, the club isn’t interested in Major League Soccer.  They’ll still work with the MLS most likely, but their sights are set on the NWSL.  The club president, Josep Maria Batomeu said that the idea is to create this women’s team to help promote the club.

The US National Women’s Soccer League is arguably the best women’s league globally, and FC Barcelona wants a taste of it.  Arno Trabesinger, the managing director of FCB (Football Club of Barcelona) North America, had this to say: “Our board decided last year that women’s[soccer] is the strategic part of our future growth, not only in Spain, but on a global basis.”  If this plan goes through, we can expect to see FC Barcelona play in the US as early as the 2018 season.

This isn’t the first time FC Barcelona attempted to move into the US.  The initial plan, back in 2008, was to move into Miami for Major League Soccer.  However, that expansion plan had eventually fallen through.  Now they’re at it again.

FC Barcelona is consistently known for being one of the best teams (if not the best) in the European Union.  Some of their best competitors are Real Madrid of Spain, and Bayern München of Germany.

The details aren’t quite clear, unfortunately.  No one outside the club room seems to know how far into the process of creating an NSWL team Barcelona is.  Trabesinger says that the process is still in preliminary stages, but also claimed that “our president is deeply informed”.  This doesn’t tell us much of anything.  In fact, it’s been kept well under wraps.  The initial announcement took many by surprise, evidently not seeing this shift coming.

What do you think?  Will the move be good for FC Barcelona?  Are you excited to see a new Women’s Team in the US?



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