This NFL Player’s Mom Helps Him Save His Money


There’s no shame in being a grown adult and still getting help from your Mom!

It’s no secret that NFL players make a lot of money.  Maybe more than they ought to, but that’s another article.  However, there have also been stories about NFL players managing to go broke, or to lose a great amount of their career earnings.  Pittsburgh Steelers player, Darrius Heyward-Bey, refuses to be irresponsible with his money, though.  How does he keep track?  He pays his mom to help him out.

That’s right.  Not only does Darrius and his mother, Vivian, have a mother-son relationship, they also have a business relationship.  He pays his mom a commission for helping him out in saving his cash.  ESPNW reported the story initially, saying that out of his $35 million that he’s earned in his career, he’s saved the vast majority.  Hayward-Bey gives the credit to his mother for this.

For his entire career, Hayward-Bey has given himself a monthly allowance to spend.  This number is a figure that him and his mother figured out between them.  He didn’t tell ESPN the exact numbers, but he told them that he just doesn’t spend that much money.

credit: espn

“I don’t have any kids, and I’m not married, so the money I spend is on me,”  Hayward-Bey told ESPN.  “It’s really easy to say ‘no’ to myself  […]  I keep things real simple.  I’m not really a flashy guy.  I understand what I want to buy.  I invest my money well and pay my taxes.  Sounds like general, good financial advice.  All of us could stand to keep our lives simpler material-wise.  It’s almost hard to imagine that someone with as much money as Darrius Hayward-Bey has made, is the one who is not only giving that advice, but living by that advice.

ESPNW also reported that Hayward-Bey has a home in California, and for half the year, he turns off his cable subscription because there’s no one there to occupy the home and watch TV.

Past his commission that he pays his mom, he also talked about how he was raised by his family to know “what to spend, and what not to spend.”  He continued:  “It’s easy when you don’t have money to spend.  That’s how I grew up.”  

Sounds like we could all take a lesson from Darrius and Vivian.

Featured Image Courtesy of the Pittsburgh Steelers 


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