5 Of The Best Free Apps You Need To Download Now

best free apps

With so many apps to choose from its hard to find the ones that will actually be useful. Keep reading to find the best free apps you need on your iPhone now!

Whether you want an app to help you stay organized or one to help you stay calm, the app store has thousands of options to choose from. Instead of wasting your already precious time scrolling through the free app section, I have complied a short list for you to easily choose the best free apps from!



Yes, this has the same name as the Disney character, but this is so much better! Robinhood is basically your own personal stock broker, but here’s where it gets awesome. It’s completely free! Are you looking to start building your stock portfolio? Then this is just for you. As a young professional starting out in the world, I wanted to start slowly entering the world of stocks. It’s super easy to sign up and you can search for any stock you want, deposit cash, purchase your stock and keep track of your portfolio! If you ever need to withdrawal any of your earnings you can do so for free as well!

2. Companion


Companion is one of my favorite apps. Sometimes I struggle with anxiety and when I want to just relax and calm down I go to Companion. You can re-frame any negative thoughts you may have which can be helpful for those that have stress or anxiety. My favorite feature of this app is the Relax Now option. You can choose from two recorded exercises that are for relaxation and anxiety reduction. Trust me, they work!

3. Buffer


Do you have a blog, articles or just anything you want to promote on social media? Well, this is the perfect app for you. If you are familiar with Hootsuite, this is a similar version, but its free and very easy to use. You can schedule posts on your social media sites to the times when your followers are most active and you can even see how your posts have performed.

4. MyFitnessPal


Looking to get your health back on track? With MyFitnessPal you can enter your weight, height, age and fitness goals to get a customized amount of calories you should be eating each day. This app allows you to keep track of your calories, water intake and exercise. This is such an easy way to keep your healthy lifestyle on track.

5. LinkedIn


If you don’t already have a LinkedIn you need to get it now! This is the perfect way to show off your accomplishments, skills and connect with other professionals. Many employers look for LinkedIn profiles when hiring. You can sign up online,  but the app is such an important one to have. You can easily navigate through the app to add contacts, update your profile and see the different jobs in your area.

These are all apps that I think everyone could use, especially if you are a millennial. Download these apps free today!


Kate Nowlin

Kate is an Indiana based writer currently in school seeking a degree in English with a focus in Professional and Technical writing. With her passion for the written word, Kate hopes to continue pursuing her love for writing.