Go Dutch Today App Takes Awkwardness Out Of Dates

go dutch today

Go Dutch Today removes the presumption of sex on the first date…

Has this ever happened to you? You’re out on a first date with someone who you know for sure you don’t ever want to see again let alone be intimate with them at all? Or worse, you do find someone who you may be compatible with, but there’s no way to know for sure so soon. You don’t want to go home with them right away, but you do want to see where a second date will take you. In either case, you’re not planning on exchanging sex for a meal, but you have no idea what you’re date has in mind…

Well, now there’s an app for that…

A trio of Chicago women believe they have a solution to the presumptions or awkwardness linked to footing the bills for blind first dates. Their Go Dutch Today mobile app removes expectations that men pay for the dates and that women reciprocate with sex. The app is based on the idea that a couple split the cost of a date. Created by Olamide Bamidele, Alysia Sargent, and Alexandria Willis, the app matches people based on profile preferences, suggests date venues and has participants “go Dutch.”

go dutch today“With Go Dutch Today we bring together a community of people who actually want to go out on a date, not just talk, talk, and talk about going out on a date,” said Sargent. “Also by eliminating the financial aspect when they do go out together they don’t have to worry about whose going to pay since it is decided way before. They can just focus on enjoying themselves and having fun.”

With so many other dating apps to choose from, Go Dutch Today stands out from the crowd by giving women financial freedom. The response to Go Dutch has been positive and a welcoming alternative for many women. “I think especially for women, this is a different type of app,” said Bamidele. “You are able to meet up with people doing things you like to do and these are low-pressure social encounters, instead of a high press blind dates. We have also received great support from the Black tech community.”

The Go Dutch Today mobile app is expected to launch in November. To learn more about the app, please visit www.godutchtoday.com.

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