4 Women On Social Media That Will Enhance Millennial Women’s Lives

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Social media is full of influencers with lots of advice and ways to live your life.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the mass of unwanted content thrown at you on social media

Millennial women should use social media as a way to enrich their lives with positivity. We are influenced by the media we consume, whether we want to admit it or not! Let’s take advantage of  content that will influence us for the better.  The right influencers can help you grow, learn about yourself, the world around you and how to master this game called life.

Here are some of my favorite social media influencers who are also awesome women:

  1. Francesca aka HeyFranHey is a natural beauty who is obsessed with all things pertaining to health. Her mission is help you reach your healthiest potential and do it naturally. I was introduced to Fran through her YouTube channel, however she also has a Tumblr, Twitter and two amazing podcasts, The Friend Zone and Colorfull Lives. Fran has great tips for natural ways to take care of your skin, hair and nails. Also, her podcast touches on mental health and she gives great tips on how to handle issues from anxiety to headaches.
  2. Traci G has created a unique space on SoundCloud for positive affirmation.  Follow her on Twitter too as she drops some inspirational tweets! Sometimes we need to motivate ourselves and tap into the positivity that lives within us. That would be a time to check out Traci G! Traci G’s affirmations are specific;  topics ranging from letting go of your past to having a positive relationship with money. Her affirmations will help you manifest your intentions and remind you of how amazing a woman you already are!
  3. BronzeGoddess01 is a YouTuber who tackles it all! Beauty, fashion, advice on life, money and she video blogs her life. Introduced to BronzeGoddess by my best friend at a time I when I needed encouragement, I watched a couple of her strawberry letters answers and she got me allllll the way together! BronzeGoddess gives great advice for women, empowering them to know their worth and take control of their lives. She’s like your best girlfriend in cyerworld!
  4.  Shan BOODY is a Sexologist and author that dives into sexual health and advice for Millennials. She is a YouTuber, has a Twitter, an Instagram and a book called LAID. Shan goes there. All the way there. She will address all of your kinky secrets, comfort you with reliability and give great advice on how to lead a sex positive life. Shan’s content is relevant and engaging because she targets millennials.  She’s also the prettiest sexologist I’ve ever seen, so that helps too!



Nia Lareece


Nia Lareece is a freelance writer with a degree in Communications. Lover of books, music, art and astrology. Spreading peace, love and #blackgirlmagic