Snap Inc. Introduces Picture-Taking Glasses

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Snapchat rebranded and is taking a whole new turn with Snap Inc.

Snapchat, a popular social media, has rebranded itself as Snap Inc. this past September.  With this whole new name came a whole new product — Spectacles.  Sunglasses that take video.

Many articles and businesses have already predicted failure on Snap Inc.’s part, much like Google Glass.  However, there isn’t much evidence to suggest that Spectacles will fail as Google Glass did.  They are vastly different products.  They also have vastly different demographics.

One major difference is that when Google Glass was in development, it was only a prototype.  Though it didn’t do well, Google is still committed to the product.  Spectacles, on the other hand, are a product that’s going directly onto the public market.  People will be able to buy the full product right away.  They will come out this autumn, but they’re coming in a limited amount.  Snap Inc. plans on being slow-going as they sell this product.

Spectacles also only take pictures and record 10-second-video.  That’s it and they’re only made to work with Snap Inc.’s ever popular app, Snapchat.  In that case, these glasses are pretty limited.  However, they could be great for the target demographic — Snap Inc.’s loyal users.

While many people think this product will be a flop, I think it will be a success.  The glasses are priced relatively reasonably ($130) and they’re simple.  They have a core audience that’s already built, so it isn’t as though they have to start from scratch.  In fact, Snap Inc. is worth about $22 billion as of the writing of this article.  The company has only been around for the past five years.  Snapchat is also available in 20 different languages, making the demographic widely international.

Are Spectacles something you’d buy or do you think they’ll be a complete failure?


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