5 Failed Social Media Networks; Vine Is Just One More.

Vine lasted a hilarious three years, but it’s now come to a close, like a few other social media networks.

Twitter announced that it was closing down shop on Vine in the next few months.  Though the website will stay up, soon enough no one will be able to publish their six-second videos to the platform anymore.  Twitter itself isn’t doing so well, having let go 9% of their employees this last October.  However, it’s not the only social media network that bit the dust after a short while.

Reason for Failing: Facebook’s Success

MySpace was huge back in the day.  However, with Facebook coming into creation, and taking up the internet quickly, MySpace was left behind.  It soon became a place where musical artists sometimes posted, but for the most part, users left in favor of Facebook.  MySpace is actually still around, but it only has 200 staff members.

iTunes’ Ping
Reason for Failing: Redundant Service

Apple’s Ping came back when Steve Jobs was still alive.  I remember watching the very event where he announced it and I remember thinking it was a very cool idea.  I also remember never bringing myself to actually use it, and I remember that the next thing I knew, it was shut down and I’m not sure many people remember it.

Steve Jobs described it as “Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes,” and that wound up being the issue.  It was too similar to already created social medias, and failed almost immediately.

Reason for Failing: Competitors Rose Quicker

Digg used to be the number one place to find news.  It was a great place that made it easy to find other content on the web.  However, again, with the rise of Facebook, Digg was somewhat buried.  Like MySpace, it’s still active, but it’s not something you often hear about people who use it.

Reason for Failing: Tried to be Facebook …Couldn’t pull it off.

Does anyone use Google+?  I still get emails from Google’s Facebook-wannabe, but I can’t seem to find any reason to use it.  I actually tried, but I found that the way it functioned was somewhat sloppy, and I hated the layout.  Google might be a great search engine, and maybe it should’ve just stuck to that instead of trying to be something it’s not.

Reason for Failing: Didn’t Innovate Fast Enough and Big Users Left

Vine’s been around for three years now.  Originally it wasn’t supposed to be meant for creative purposes, but its users took it to a whole new level.  However, those users left in favor of YouTube and Facebook, and Vine didn’t keep up with other competitors.


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