Hashtag Shopping Is Officially Here

hashtag shopping

Just in case you thought online shopping was too hard, we have good news: You can now shop using a hashtag…

Twitter and Amazon are teaming up to make drunk late-night shopping even more dangerous. Here’s how it works. Say you’re watching How To Get Away With Murder and as you’re scrolling through to see what your Twitter crush said about the show — and you come across a promotional link from Amazon.

Instead of having to click the link and navigate away from your Twitter feed, potentially missing an important tweet, there’s an easier way. You can now just respond to the tweeted link with the hashtag #AmazonBasket. If you have your Amazon and Twitter accounts linked, the product will automatically go into your Amazon basket. Next time you log in to the powerful shopping network, your shopping is so much easier. The expandable hose I’ve been eyeing is one click closer. Don’t worry, if you haven’t linked the accounts, you’ll get an email from Amazon so you can set up the service.

According to Amazon spokeswoman Julie Law, though, Twitter isn’t trying to turn potential customers into “promotional machines.” [Cue massive eyeroll]. Um… all of your Twitter followers will be able to see what you’re thinking about buying. If, say, you’re a famous celeb who adds kitten-printed footy pajamas into their Amazon cart, do you really think that isn’t promotional, Ms. Law?

Even though we don’t necessarily agree with Amazon’s thoughts about the promotional machines, we do think this is an interesting idea. We love the idea of being able to shop easier — and Twitter is a unique way of allowing hashtag shopping to happen.

What do you think about automated shopping?  Will it keep you on the couch or will you actually get up and go to the mall?  Will you use the shopping hashtag #AmazonBasket to store your favorite items?  Give us your thoughts…