Celebrity Waist Training: Benefits and Risks

Waist Training

Just when you thought corsets were dead, they’ve made their way back since many celebs are Waist Training like Jessica Alba, who admitted to wearing a double corset for three months to get her pre-baby body back, says, Net-a-Porter.

For some women like Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of “Jersey Shore”  decided to waist train after the birth of her second child. But the list of celebs doesn’t stop there… Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Blac Chyna and Amber Rose are among celebrities who say they swear by waist trainers to maintain their hourglass figures.

Its become a new fade for the non-rich and famous celebs who’ve jumped on the band wagon to snap back into shape and shed the pounds. The waist train movement has taken over and the culprits are the reality TV star posting pics, hashtag, #waisttraining delivers, more than 500,000 results and more. Waist Gang Society, the Kardashian favorite boasts more than 240,000 Instagram followers searching “waist trainer”.

So what’s all the hype? And what are the risks? First the medical community advises against the use of waist trainers because of common misconceptions about the results and how to properly use them. However, should you choose to add the practice to your daily routine, you must be aware of the proper usage for optimal results. Meanwhile University of Chicago plastic and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Lawrence Zachary says,  “When it comes to waist trainers,” Dr. Zachary laughed, “If that was the case, they’d be making a fortune…There are no quick fixes.”

Then Heather Hamilton, assistant director of fitness and wellness for DePaul University’s campus recreation department, agreed. Heather said, “Currently there’s no evidence at all whatsoever that waist training is an effective exercise shortcut…There are no proven long-term results from the method and as far as the fat mobilization thing … I can’t believe that’s actually something that happens.”