Inexpensive Ways To Remind Your Best Friend You Love Them


You don’t have to go all out to be a good friend…

We can be lead to think that materialistic forms of adoration are the best ways to remind your friend that you admire them, care about them and think about them.  That’s what the media wants you to believe, anyway.  If you buy your friend (or spouse, or child, etc.) an expensive item, they’re always going to be by your side.  The fact of the matter is a good friend will be by your side even if you never give them a gift.  However, you might want to.  There’s more happiness in giving than there is in receiving, anyway.  Maybe your friend just had a bad day or maybe you’re just thinking about them.  Here are a few ideas of things you can do for them that are inexpensive in case your budget is tight.  Even if you don’t take these, maybe they’ll strike up a few ideas of your own.

1) Send them a “have a good day” text once in a while.  Depending on your cell phone plan, this shouldn’t be breaking the bank.  If you know your friend’s work schedule, you can shoot them a text before they head in to tackle the day.  Just those few words reminding them that you care about them can mean a whole lot.  It will definitely cause your friend to smile and this gesture will help them get through their whole day.

2) Buy them a small gift card.  One time, my dad was given a Starbucks gift card.  My dad doesn’t even like Starbucks.  However, what he did like was the thought behind the gift card that only had $10 on it.  He smiled so wide and was so in awe over the fact that someone thought of him like that.  Despite the fact that he doesn’t like the coffee shop, the card was still used.  It’s really the thought that counts, not the amount of money on the card.  It made my dad’s entire day and I thought that was pretty great.

3) Flowers.  Cute, little flowers from Walmart or even from your local flower shop will help take care of your community and put a smile on a friend’s face. This kills two birds with one stone.  Flowers don’t always have to be romantic.  They can just be a nice gesture.

4) Make them an 8Tracks Playlist.  If you know your friend’s music taste, this can perk them right up using the 8Tracks website.  It just takes your music, uploads the tracks to your personal account and when the playlist is done, you can publish it and send the link to your friend via text or email.  That’s it, no strings attached.

Making others feel good is just one of the little joys we can bring to our lives, but when we’re making our friends happy and making their day better, it’s that much more enjoyable.  Everyone likes to feel loved and it only takes a few minutes of our time to make someone else feel special.


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