Five Inspirational Rumi Statements To Say Every Day


Positivity is the foundation of my life. I intentionally focus on what works…

If you focus on what you don’t have or don’t want, you will keep drawing the things you don’t want to you. Call it karma. Call it Law of Attraction. Whatever way you say it, you get back whatever you send out. The few seconds to twenty minutes of your day shape the rest of your day. For me, every day has to start from either a place of abundance or joy. I have a way for you to start simply.  First read the Sufi mystical poet, Rumi. He is an inspirational treasure trove. Although Rumi offers much in the way of inspiration. I have compiled a short list of quotes you can say every day.

Here are the five inspirational Rumi statements that you should say to yourself every day:

  1. I respond to every call that excites my spirit.


  1. If light is in my heart, I will find my way home.


  1. I was born with wings therefore, I prefer not to crawl through life.


  1. When I do things from my soul, I feel like a river of joy moving within my soul.


  1. I allow myself to be silently drawn by the strange pull of what I really love. It will not lead me astray.'

Sameena Mughal

Sameena K. Mughal is an author, blogger, and educator living in West Chester, Pennsylvania, who is passionate about literature. Her debut novel, Shaherazade's Daughters was a feminist homage to the classic 10001 Arabian Nights. Her second book, The Siddiqui Brothers in Cairo follows the adventures of eccentric scientists who, ironically, are too forward- thinking for a time that is known for its forward- thinking, the Golden Age of Islam. She also writes sociopolitical commentary on her Behind and Beyond the Veil at