Love Thyself With Me Time

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Self love is definitely the best love.  If you don’t take care of yourself, how are you expected to love or take care of someone else…

As wives, mothers and working women, sometimes the simple task of self maintenance turns out to be no simple task at all! With only so many hours in a day we lose the desire to care for ourselves as we care for others. As a C.E.O. and a wife, I know the struggle of preserving beauty rituals all too well. Between running a business, keeping a clean house and happy husband, where can I find the time to shave my legs! No, seriously! Well, this is my public service announcement to all women! SLOW DOWN AND LOVE YOURSELF! Take time out to pamper yourself with a “Me” day!

As a wife, I have to keep my hair, nails, toes and eyebrows done. I have a husband to keep! In the book entitled,  “Young, Black, & Married: How to Snuggle through the Struggle”, rule #41 is to “Maintain your image”! This is a must! There is no such thing as an ugly woman; we are just lazy or can’t seem to find the time to present ourselves as the fly babes that we truly are!

I may fall short of this rule sometimes, but my husband is always there to remind me! If you are in a long term relationship and have not reduced your beauty routine even a little bit, then you are a liar! My man will surely let me know if my toenails are “ripping up the sheets” or if my leg hairs are poking him at night.

Therefore, I decided to get back to my “Me” time! I encourage you to do the same. I take time out for myself to melt stress away with music, enjoy a long shower or treat myself to a quick pedi. However, you chose to spend your “Me” time or day, enjoy it. Trust me, you will be much happier and so will he! Get your copy of “Young, Black, & Married: How to Snuggle through the Struggle” at and subscribe to their YouTube channel, James & James, LLC.


Mesi James

Wife. God. C.E.O.

Mesi James is C.E.O. of James & James, LLC. Raised by a single mother, Mesi made it her life’s mission to provide a solid foundation for herself. In 2012, she graduated with a BA in Political Science from Savannah State University and married Jared "International L.o.$.E." James shortly after. Unable to find a job fitting of a political scientist, her husband invested in her love for art and passion for photography by establishing James & James, LLC. Mesi is an entrepreneur, published author, published photographer, director, social media personality, and now a blogger!