10 Reasons Why Every Girl’s Mother Is Her Best Friend

Mother and daughter

Is your mother your best friend?  Let’s talk about why your mom is and should be your best friend…

Like every teenage girl, my teens were filled with bouts of retaliation. Every time my mother stopped me from doing something that I really wanted to pursue, we mostly got into arguments that lasted a couple of days or long period of silences where I made mental notes of why “mom is so wrong about this”. Nothing out of the ordinary really.  We have all been there, but as you age, life will make you realize your mother is and will always remain your best friend, confidant and silent cheer-leader.

  1. Your mother will always remain your best counselor. Years give her the edge, maturity and perspective to understand every situation life will introduce you to.
  2. If your mom is close to you, your mother will showcase unshakable faith in your decisions. She will let you take the lead in every life altering decision and support you unconditionally.
  3. She is probably the only person who has seen you at your worst unless you love drama (wink-wink) and still loves you.
  4. There is an unbreakable bond between a mother and daughter. She will always be the best secret keeper,  In fact, she will save you in embarrassing situations.
  5. Need a shoulder to cry on? Find the room your mom is in.
  6. Person who reads your silence perfectly = Mom.
  7. Even if you don’t necessarily agree on everything, she will be the first to make peace with the differences.
  8. It will always be super easy to make plans with her to hang out. She will not only willingly go out with you, but be happy to be part of your social life 🙂
  9. The person who is happiest in your success and saddest at your failure will for eternity be your mother.
  10.  No matter how old you get, she will always love you as if you were a toddler in need of  constant care.

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Disha Sisodia Singh

Disha Sisodia Singh is a communications professional who enjoys writing and integrating with different cultures in her spare time.