6 Amazing Winter Wedding Favors For Your Guests

Planning a Winter Wedding?  Here are some great gift ideas for your guests!

winter wedding

DIY Birdseed Wedding Favor Hearts

The recipe looks easy and it doesn’t look like it takes a whole lot of work.  The most time-consuming bit would be waiting for your finished product to dry overnight.  TIP:  If you plan on making these, don’t do it a few weeks prior.  They may mold.  Wait until a few days before the wedding to make them so that you can be safe, rather than sorry.  Recipe here.

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DIY Instant Hot Chocolate Tubes

The one I’m about to link you includes coffee — but you don’t have to make it with that.  If you don’t think your guests will like coffee (maybe you’ll have a lot of little ones) you can just use the cocoa powder and forget the mocha.  How cute do these look, though?

winter wedding

Cloth Gloves

As amazing as a winter wedding may be, your guests are bound to get chilly!  You can buy inexpensive cloth gloves at Walmart, Target, or any other retail store, I’m sure.  Wrap them in something with yours and your partner’s new name, and instant wedding favor.  Image Credit.

winter wedding

DIY Winter Scene

These cute little decoration pieces look so easy to make.  They could also be used as center pieces for your tables, if you didn’t want to send these home with your guests!  Instructions here.

winter wedding

DIY Pinecone Fire Starters

Melt some wax, and turn some pinecones into little candles.  The creator of this blog post remembered making these crafts in Girl Scouts, and transitioned them to something perfect for a cute, winter wedding.  You can see how she did it here.

winter wedding

Rustic Boxes Filled With Chocolate

Send your guests home with some kisses!  They had to watch you and your new marriage mate kiss after all.  Instructions here.

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Image Source: Pexels


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