Why You Should Collect Memories and Not Things

We are all victims of it.

Believing that material things will make us happy. Always trying to buy the latest phones, beauty products, and fashion trends to feel fulfilled.

The truth is, if we focus our energy on solely consuming material things to make us feel good, we will never reach true happiness. In the end, we only miss out on the things that really matter… which is collecting memories.

Humans are meant to adventure.

Don’t let yourself get caught up on what society says will make you happy or cool. Owning the latest iPhone, Urban Decay Palette, and Nike shoes, no matter what the media tries to portray, will never give you lasting joy.

Instead of owning things that will one day end up collecting dust in your room, focus on gaining memories that will last a lifetime.

Travel, explore, live new experiences

These are the things to really strive for in order to gain everlasting bliss.


The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. – Saint Augustine

Human desire to travel and experience new places is universal. It is nearly impossible to find someone that does not wish to travel. Traveling helps us experience new cultures, learn, grow, and most importantly, gather memories that will last a lifetime. No one will ever forget the first time they laid their eyes on the Eiffle Tower or walked through the streets of Florence. The euphoric feelings that these memories bring will be enough to make you feel alive and fulfilled for years to come. Always dreamed of going to London and walking on Abbey Road or visiting Rome to see the Coliseum? Make your dreams a reality. Stop wasting money on unnecessary items and start saving for your trip, now. There are several affordable ways to travel. Try looking into opportunities to volunteer abroad or searching for special deals online to minimize the cost. Trust me, don’t splurge on that $200+ leather skirt you will only wear twice. Go see the world, it’s worth it.

Exploring / Living New Experiences

The greatest thing about exploring and living new experiences is that you don’t necessary need to travel far or spend a lot to achieve them.

All it takes is simply exploring a new part of your city/town, visiting a restaurant, or hiking trail. These experiences are a way of “living the little things” we all take for granted. There is a special kind of magic that happens during these moments of exploration and discovery. For most of us, it is not until we transition into adulthood, with a plethora of new responsibilities, that we realize just how important this truly is.


Is your favorite band coming into town? New amusement park or cool hip restaurant opening near you? Airlines are offering major deals on international flights? Go for it! Use the money you were planning on wasting on your fifth pair of new boots, clubbing, or bar hopping, and go out and experience life.

The future you will thank you. <3


Valerie Serrano

Bio: 24 yr old girl with a passion for music, art, tea, coffee, learning new words, cute quotes, dresses, taking pictures and adding filters, exploring, and stargazing.