#LikeAGirl Takes on Girl-Excluding Emojis

Everyone loves emojis, it’s basically a fact. Men, women, mothers, teachers, teens, and most definitely children. The youngest users are by far the most impressionable of the bunch, and so what they see and use on a daily basis can affect their development, and thus their future.

Apple’s attempt to encompass every emotion, animal, food, and pretty much anything pop-culture, under the sun, with emojis has left many users, and critics, displeased. Remember the update a few months back? The one that added ranges of skin tone to our fave emojis, and diversified couples and families to be more “politically correct,” because that’s trending.

Yet, something is still a little off…something is missing. Always’ #LikeAGirl Campaign uncovered the missing pieces, and is putting emojis and Apple on blast.

Yes, the missing puzzle pieces are quite obvious when these young girls point the, out. WHY is it that the professional section does not include females? “Unless you count being a bride a profession,” adds one of the teens.

According to the female emojis all we care about is our wedding, fairytales, our hair, nails, and pink stuff! Not stereotypical or exclusionary at all, right?

For being one of the most innovative companies today – bringing us our prized possession, the iPhone – we expected more from you.

So Apple, it’s time to get to work, and bust out some new emojis, that don’t leave out the ladies. Let’s set a good example for the future female leaders of the world, and show them that they too, can be doctors, basketball players, and even President.

Alexandra Sharova


Moscow born, Santa Barbara (CA) raised dreamer with an insatiable appetite for adventure & sweets.