You Need To Get Out And Vote

I’ll just get right to the point. You need to get out and vote for the primary elections. Registered as a specific party or not, the responsibility is in your hands to pick the person you think would be the most suitable president.

Here’s the thing. I first voted in a presidential election when I was 18, four years ago. I had zero clue about the nominees, what they stood for and against, or why I was voting for someone when I had no knowledge about them. My dad is the one who told me how important it is to go out on election day. I said, “I don’t know anything about these nominees.” But, I still went and cast my vote on Election Day, despite being uneducated about politics in general.

Now, in 2016, we’re back at that same point. This time around, I’ve paid close attention to every single candidate – despite the party I’m registered as. I wanted to know all the options for who could potentially be put in charge of the United States. I owed that to my country – knowing exactly who I was voting for and where their heads and hearts were at. Debate after debate, constant news articles, MSNBC losing their minds on the daily, it’s difficult to keep up with, and more often than not, I’ve found myself in a conversation about politics nearly every day. What a change of pace.

This is important, though. I am 22 years old. I am the next generation, I am a millennial. My opinions matter, and that means I must be educated on politics in order for my opinion to stand it’s ground. When someone asks me a question about politics, I want to know the answer. I want to be able to have an educated conversation with anyone about the current presidential election, and I want to contribute to choosing who runs this country. Although we may not have all the answers, and we may not ever understand politics at a complete and full speed, all of us can still take a little bit of time to try and learn something. We can get off of Twitter and Instagram for 20 minutes and read a bit about each candidate, or take an online quiz to see how our personal viewpoints match up to each of the candidate’s. Don’t you want to be a part of choosing the person who could be calling all the shots in our country?

I felt dumb when I voted four years ago. I didn’t know anything, I couldn’t hold a single conversation with anyone about anything politics-related. This is our responsibility. It’s up to us to want to learn and understand. Nobody will force feed you; no one will drag you into a voting booth and push the buttons for you. Despite that, it’s still important to make sure that this generation, the millennials, continue learning, and find our individual voices. We pick who’s going to be in charge. It’s not a dictatorship, it’s a democracy; it’s our choice. If you have the power to make that choice, it should be a top priority to be a part of the process, and understand it, so you makes the right, most fitting call on election day. 

So go read some articles, watch the debates, listen to NPR, and register to vote ASAP, because your vote matters!

Hope Vista

Hope Vista is East Coast's resident wild girl, taking the music industry by storm as a vocalist, songwriter, rhythm guitarist, philanthropist, aspiring style icon, and published blogger/writer. She is a Dr. Pepper-loving, Backstreet Boys fangirl-ing, all-black wearing, American paradigm; and one of the last rock-oriented females standing. Alongside her flourishing music career, she also has her Bachelor's Degree in Writing, with writing credits such as College Candy, HerCampus, and Haulix under her belt.