When it comes to women who travel alone, Airbnb may not be the best match.  With over a million listings in 190 countries, the international website accommodates people who need to couch surf for one or two nights.

What Is Airbnb?  It stands for Airbed and Breakfast. Lodging is provided by a prescreened host who has made a space available for someone to sleep comfortably in their home, apartment or condo. Some of the spaces can be quite luxurious. People are usually very friendly and inviting to guests.

Should Women AirBnB

Traveling Alone

One of the biggest concerns of Airbnb seems to be is it safe for women traveling alone for the first time? Every women’s experience is different. In most cases a lady who is traveling on her own will not stay in a room alone for more than 2-4 nights. It is best for a woman to make her accommodations and send the location to a loved one. Spaces are very secure, some gated and others in very nice communities outside of big cities and suburbs.

Staying In Someone’s Home

It is about the comfort level of each lady. It is important that if you are traveling alone that you have someone to contact in case of an emergency. Initially, it might seem odd staying in someone’s home; however, it is similar to visiting relatives abroad. The hosts are very accommodating and parking is convenient when requests are made.

Rooms For Rents

Airbnb is best for ladies who are in transition from one city to the next. The Uber of rented beds, Airbnb Inc. has space variety. Vacation rentals, homes, apartments and rooms are available to you anywhere you go in the world. The hosts are verified by Airbnb before people start to rent the spot. Some rates are as low as $22 a night.

Find out more information about couch surfing and Airbnb online. Travel safe queens!'


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