Does Your Man Lie to You, Chances are He Does

DOES YOUR MAN LIE TO YOU, CHANCES ARE HE DOES – Sorry ladies but the truth is your man is cheating whether you want to believe it or not.  He’s either lying and not telling the truth or creeping!

However, I have the three tell-tale signs to let you know if your man is a liar-liar or dirty dawg!   “Lying is a cooperative act,” this according to Pamela Meyer, author of Lie spotting. When it comes to the dirty dawg aka “The Cheater” Meyer is on the money. With that said, this means anyone who googles, ‘How to tell if you’re being lied to” instinctively knows that something is going wrong in their relationship.  If he is acting a certain way, stumbling over words or getting mad over nothing when you ask a couple of simple questions, he’s guilty ladies and you need to wake up and see the truth, boo!

We all want to believe we found that perfect guy.  He is the one that has everything going for him.  He is fine, paid, sexy, great in bed and all your girlfriends thirst over him. He is so perfect that we think he’d never lie or even cheat, however, I’m sorry to pop your bubble, but men these days forgot about the value of a relationship and respecting what they have.  This goes for both parties; girls are just as responsible.!

If your man needs a man cave, give it to him. He needs to get away from a nagging woman sometimes, and don’t lie girls, we can all be b-tchy nags; you know who you are?

The other thing is simple; if your man has a high sex drive, give it up.  Remember you married him, and isn’t that one of the reasons you fell in love in the first place? We all know if you get some good D, you don’t want to give it up.

Now with that said, if we as women don’t uphold the simple aspects in the home, it might lead your man to become a dirty dawg. Nobody wants that, but if your man has to look elsewhere for sex, then that falls on you, boo!

If you, take away a man’s getaway spot from him because you want to be the “perfect couple” he is going to stray, lie and do anything to find serenity somewhere far far away.


Here we go… there are a few tell-tale signs to look for and hopefully your parents taught you these while growing up. If not, the take this advice and teach your children.

Some people feel that lies help to bridge the gaps between fantasy and reality so that developing unions have a fighting chance.  For less intimate attachments, like those with friends or coworkers, white lies are like pretending you have plans to score some alone time with others, but if you have that going on in your relationship, is it worth it?

Pay attention to the “red flags” like change in tone.  If your man gets upset when asked “How was your day?” or “Where were you?”, you’ve got a problem which is that your man is lying.  Nine times out of 10, if you ask your man, “Babe, who is Stacey?” and he raises his voice and then gives a clunky answer like Bill Clinton’s infamous “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” speech, then your man is cheating.  He is cheating especially if he says, “Oh she’s just one of my friends,” that means  “FWB” (friends with benefits).  He would say he is hanging out with his plutonic friends while really he was sleeping with all of his FWB. The sad part is that his friends all knew you  were  the girlfriend and smiled in your face. #YOURMANISCHEATING

The other tell-tale signs is the Stumbling on Words, if your man or partner normal speech pattern is off or he keeps looking left while talking with you, that means he is lying. A person who lies tends to look left throughout the story which means he or she is pulling from past experiences and lying about the situation. Eyes are the giveaway to the soul and we all get caught sooner or later because you can’t control the eyes like we think.

There you go ladies, pay attention to your man’s posture, eyes and vocal inflections; those are the tell-tale signs.  If you’ve been dating or married for awhile, then you know what I am saying is true.

Good luck!