How to Deal with Your Ex Boyfriend After the Split

How to Deal with Your Ex Boyfriend

Let’s face it dealing with the Ex Boyfriend can be torturous! If it was a perfect world, it would be easy if we could remain friends with our exes; but it’s not a perfect world!

For most break-ups it doesn’t work this way, but I know many Ex Boyfriend who were able to be friends again after time has passed, including myself.

However, if you can’t, then here are some helpful tip to figure out why he should be your Ex Boyfriend:

  • No matter how you broke up, closure may be needed, but if it was a messy split, it may or may not come later.
    • If children are involved, it’s harder to make a clean split, but try to be civil and friendly as it is in the best interest of the children.
    • If there was any type of abuse, seek help and end it for good. Do not subject yourself or your children to any type of abuse.
    • If he cheated, make it a clean break. Do not go back, as once a cheater, always a cheater. The hardest part is that you may still love him and that is the problem. Trust me, so many women stay or get back together and the cheating happens over and over.
    • If your split is due to a long distance relationship and neither of you want to move or compromise, let it go. The love is not strong enough.
    • If he’s lazy and won’t work. Starting a relationship with a man you have to support is ridiculous. If you have the money to support him and you want to stay in the name of love, then it’s your choice to stay or go.
    • If you do not approve of his smoking, drinking or drug use… you may be able to remain friends, but do not try to fix him!  These are huge issues.
    • If he was jealous and clingy… watch your back on this one. These exes are likely to follow you, call you constantly, beg to get you back and could even become threatening. Run and do not look back.

Overall, keep your boundaries, change your phone number, get a restraining order. Do not use social media. It is your business not the business of the world and you do not need the validation.

Have you dealt with a break up? Are you friends today? If not, tell us if your man has demonstrated any of our tips and how you dealt with Your Ex Boyfriend After the Split.