LUENELL… The Comedian Behind The Laughter

LUENELL Is The ‘Bad Girl’ And Plus Size Comedian Behind The Laughter.

Luenell has been the ‘bad girl’ of comedy for years and it had nothing to do with body image.  The entertainment industry would like us to think it’s all about the image.  Well all know that Hollywood tends to lean towards someone who is taller, slender and fabulous.  Hollywood almost suggest that you cannot have any success if you don’t belong to the inner circle.  Young women are getting hooked on plastic surgery so they can look like what they think it takes to be in the Hollywood circle.  However, when we look at some of our female actresses who don’t fit into that category, we find that the Hollywood’s fab club is a big lie.  If you have the talent, you can be a part of the inner circle.

photo credit:  Ronnie Walker
photo credit: Ronnie Walker


Just take a look at our celebrity plus size beauties such as talk show hosts Loni Love on The Real and Sheryl Underwood on The Talk, pop artist Meghan Trainor, Actress Gabourey Sidibe, model Ashley Graham and the list just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

In an exclusive look at the path to success of the plus size women in the entertainment industry, Herdaily’s editor in chief Belinda Trotter James spoke to the ‘bad girl’ of comedy, Luenell on why full figured women should not be looking in the magazines that are on the supermarket shelves.  “They are not for you,” says Luenell.  “Don’t look at them, don’t buy them, don’t support them.  All they do is show you images of people who are not like you.”

Luenell is a plus size girl who is not very tall and can hold the attention of a room full of men better than a slender supermodel.  “When you embrace your thickness and focus on the type of person you want to become, then depression and other mental disorders will not be able to strangle your confidence and keep you from finding love and being happy in your skin.”

You can read more about Luenell’s career in an issue of Caution magazine at and be encouraged by her plus size story in Power Of The Curves only on plus follow her tour dates on her website at

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