Do Friends Influence Your Dates?

Do Friends Influence Your Dates and Relationships

Do you let your friends influence who you date? I did when I was a teenager, but these days I know better.

Friends influence should not dictate your relationships.  The last thing you want to do is bring sand to the beach. If you meet a guy and he treats you right, feel him out.  Go on a few dates, but don’t give up the cookies too fast. A guy will NOT respect you and dub you a THOT.

If you have a group of girls you hang out with, don’t let them influence you. They might like your guy and want him for themselves or they might feel intimidated because some friends hate to lose a friend to a relationship. It’s natural to date who you like. You are the one that influences your dating life.

Have a backbone when dating and don’t be a follower just to appease your friends. Why be miserable with them when happiness is standing right in front of you. The problem about our friends is that their influence is not always correct. Here are examples:

1. “You can do better”

I am always leery of this one. I have had friends say this and as time passes have broken up with my boyfriend only to see them together shortly thereafter. If this happens you might reconsider your friend.

2. “He is a player”

This is another one that you need to think about before you accuse your man. Your friend might be jealous and bitter because she just broke up with her man or saw him out on a date with someone else. And please do not forget this lovely thought that maybe she is sleeping with your man. Sounds awful, but trust me it happens.

3. “I don’t really like him”

I had a friend that didn’t like my boyfriend. It turned out she needed the validation from my boyfriends that she was cute. It was really annoying. Be careful as love can make us vicious.

4. “Why doesn’t your boyfriend post photos of you together on social media when you do things?”

In today’s world social media is where it’s at, but how much of your life do you want on there? There are so many “attention whores” out there that they feel you should post everything. I am not one of those and I prefer a man who feels the same. Some of my friend’s post everything and I mean everything. I also think it depends on a persons age.  It seems as through the younger we are the more social media plays a role.

5. “I know the perfect guy for you!”

I actually have dated a few guys through my girlfriend’s boyfriend or husband, as well as my friends. I usually talk with my girlfriend and/or her partner first and then go from there. We have even double dated and that worked great. I find dating via friends really works.

6. “Can we still have girl’s night”

Dating is different for everyone and my advice is to leave the lines of  communication open.  Do you let your friends influence who you date?

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