The Fear of Being Alone: A Choice

being alone

The fear of being alone is something that crosses the minds of some time and time again.

We feel the pressures of society about what to do and when to do it. It is a constant, silent reminder of a ticking time bomb. In the United States women have the choice of being single, having a relationship or doing a casual mix of both while focusing on their career. The fear of being alone might be something that enters their minds from time to time, but it’s also true that there are other avenues to deviate the attention. Either way, the fear of being alone is something that both men and women face. In America however, we the people have a choice. We have a choice to live the life that we want. To avoid lonesome nights we have the opportunity to join a club, hang out with friends, and take part in casual dating or even just hooking up. It is the 21st century after all.

But, although time has passed it’s no surprise that different cultures expect different things out of women. In the Indian culture for example, it’s crucial for a woman to marry in their twenties. Failure to do so makes it seem like there is something wrong with them; a total blow to the female’s ego. Don’t get me wrong, many Indian women do have the choice to marry when they want, but many still take part in arranged marriages and many of those marriages are not about finding love, but rather about an open agreement where all cards are put onto the table. It’s a commitment to create your own happiness.

In an article by Suruchi Sharma, she interviewed Amin Harshika from Bangalore, India who stated, “It is an unwritten, unspoken fact to get married in your mid-20s.” and she continues on to say, “Indian society finds it hard to accept that you could want to be unmarried by choice.” Choice… In the Indian society many cry shame over those who are not married; it’s something that they just can’t wrap their heads around. But many women now have become educated and through that education it has opened up their eyes to a world without limitations. Sometimes that can be scary, and sometimes they may feel that pressure of being alone, but oftentimes their fear is fueled from cultural factors and the environment around them based on their inability to curtail to their cultural expectations.

So yes, while many may fear being alone, some are alone by choice. Women especially have opened up their eyes to a world filled with opportunity where men are no longer on their top priority list. And yes, while the fear of being alone may enter their minds from time to time, there are other paths to choose. Knowledge is power after all, and women are becoming stronger in holding that crucial key in their hands. This realization has fueled one of the greatest female movements ever and opened the eyes of the world to know that women are more than conquerors.

Franchesica Bassaw

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