Syrian Civil War: A Nightmare for Women and Children

Syrian civil war

The Syrian Crisis has gotten a lot of media attention over the course of five years. Since the start of this Syrian civil war, the citizens who have been the most affected by these unfortunate events are the women and children.

According to the UN, over 200,000 people have lost their lives in Syria. Not to mention the 4.5 million who have fled to neighboring countries, in hopes for a better life. The war has been a harsh reality for the millions that have left, and are still stuck in Syria. A reported 6.5 million are displaced within the country, and 70% of those people are living in areas that are unreachable for outside aid.

Syrian women and children make up more than half of the displaced civilian population who are seeking refuge in other parts of the Middle East and Europe. Within the Syrian civil war zones, they are also the most likely to be killed. Women and children are more likely to be killed than men by suicide bombers, chemical explosions, helicopter explosives and shelled explosives (hand grenades, hand-held bombs).

Though the United States government has given over $2 billion dollars in extra humanitarian aid, the issue still remains. Women and children are staying in refugee camps without proper care. With the lack of food and clothing, children are suffering greatly from the crisis. Some have been stranded because their families were killed, or fled to another country. Women are also enduring the same pain. Some have not been able to locate their children or families since the beginning of the war in 2011. As of right now, the crisis continues. There is still much that has to be done in order to care for them. Right now organizations, like the International Rescue Committee, are raising
money and awareness to aid Syrian Refugees in Europe. You can help too! Get involved by finding organizations and help aid those in need.




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    This was a great read, didn’t realize this was happening to the capacity in which it it’s happening… very informative.