New Man Trend We’re Unsure About: The Shilt

Comme de Garcon Shilt

Women aren’t the only people who are into wearing skirts this spring. Men are hopping on this trend wagon, too! No, seriously. Comme de Garçon HOMME Plus recently released a brand-new “Tropical Wool Pleated Shilt” as part of their men’s collection. We have a couple of questions about this questionable look. First of all, what is tropical wool, exactly? Wool made from animals who live in the tropics? Second of all, why is it so expensive (it’s $855!)?

If you don’t think the shilt looks weird on the model above, it’s probably because he is ALSO wearing pants. The skirt-with-pants combo is super cute and an amazing winter combo… that is generally worn by women. Union, the store selling the shilt, describes the look as: It’s like training wheels, it’s still shorts but looks like a kilt. So maybe the pants shown is this look are like extra-extra training wheels.

We’re all for men wearing women’s clothes and vice versa — whatever makes you feel like you. Even if ‘you’ means wearing socks with sandals (except please don’t do that). But this shilt seems a little too prep-school uniform. It’s just not our favorite look. Even the model looks confused (but still super hot).

Do you think the shilt needs to go or stay?

  • Suzy Funk

    It looks like someone photoshopped Orlando Bloom and Penelope Cruz together… while on set of Harry Potter.