How Women Express Rights On The Web


Women around the world are expressing their rights on the World Wide Web!

Women are very tech savy and know how to express their rights on the web. In the twenty-first century women should have the right to freely express themselves online. Unfortunately, for some the Internet limits them from being who they are. Instagram models post half-naked pictures. Celebrities have taken control of the Selfie. Photographers wow people with beautifully touched images. The world-wide web is now an alternate reality. A majority of what we see online is not real. So how do we stand out of the crowd with so many wannabes. Women want to feel liberated. Not confined to the limitations of social media standards. It’s time to step outside the box and start using our voices to create a new wave of female expression online.

1. Video

Vlogging while it is not new it is still an impactive way of sharing your point of view with the world. Start a small blog first plan out your topics and start building a following around the cause. So many women have been discovered by stumbling onto their YouTube page. SnapChat is a fun new way to make videos on the go.

2. Keep a journal

Write everything down on a scratch piece of paper. Draw out a model of how you want your social media to look. This vision will take you to the next level. Journaling is an essential part of expression. Writing down your ideas will make them come alive.

3. Share your website

Do you have a blog. Express your rights on the web by sharing your doodles, thoughts, photos, and inspiring words with others.

4. Join a group on Google

Celebrate your individuality. We deserve to feel strong. Not every woman is ready to put them selves on a pedestal for the world to see, but with the help of empowering woman you can make your dreams come true too! The voices of multicultural women unite on'


We as females need to continue to uplift one another. There are already too many distractions keeping us from success in this misogynistic society. Share something with a close friend, volunteer at a woman's shelter, buy a friend lunch, and comment on a brown girl blog. What will you do to share your blogger girl powers today?