How To Snuggle Through The Struggle

young black and married

Young Black and Married: How to Snuggle through the Struggle is the work of Jared and Mesi James, who have not only defied all odds to stay married and happy, but have taken the effort to reach out to couples who might be finding it difficult to stay together, happily married.

Getting married is not as difficult as staying married. Although much attention is paid to the wedding ceremony, continuing to thrive after the wedding can be difficult. Establishing, building, and maintaining a healthy relationship is even more important for the couples to figure out in this new social media era. Now, couples can learn new tools on how to stay happily married and enjoy their marital life. Some marriages may fail even before or after couples get married, especially with increased societal ills, which can be easily traced to the smallest unit of the society – the family. Before starting a family, it is important for couples to build a relationship that is able to withstand the turbulent times of the marriage.

Relationship tips and strategies on how to ensure a happy and rewarding marriage are practically everywhere but most of these tips are not very practical especially in this day and age. Staying happily married can even be more challenging as an African‐American, considering the different obstacles that one has to face simply being black. There are many factors, such as a busy work schedule, higher education, children, etc, that can contribute to a failing or unhealthy marriage. The somewhat unfortunate advent of social media has led to a huge communication gap between couples as well.

The Young Black and Married project teaches not only black couples but every couple regardless of their descent, tips and rules on how to save or start a long term relationship doing the very things we would usually see as insignificant. This project is a cheaper alternative to couple’s therapy or couple’s counseling, with a personalized touch. Young Black and Married addresses issues relating to the struggles of today’s relationships, regardless of age, race, or sexual preference.

Any couple can benefit from the rules outlined in this self‐help guide for healthy relationships, which is also based on actual events. Young, Black, and Married: How to Snuggle through the Struggle is described as a comprehensive approach to couple’s therapy covering the various issues that arise in virtually every marriage and detailing ways of how to handle them effectively.

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