Meet The Off Roaders Of Punjab “The Gerrarians”

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Off-Roading is an Extreme Sport that has recently gained immense popularity among men and women globally.  The journey of off-roading starts when the madness in you begins!!!

Gerrari Off-roaders have the coolest name ever for an Off-Roading Group, “Gerrari” based in North India, but the name has a meaning in English which is, “Dare to do it”. Founded in 2008 by a team of enthusiasts in Punjab, India they wanted to bring people together with the common notion to bring extreme sports to another level.  This is a country where extreme sports is still a challenging industry because of lack of funding. However, where there is a will, there is a way. The rugged excursion, as the name suggests, ‘Gerrari’ is always keen on getting the crowd to indulge in exotic off-roading experiences. After interviewing the super friendly team  in India,  I got to know that not only men participate in this sport, but there are women off-roaders on the team who are beating the men on the road with their polished driving skills all the time.

The experience is bigger than expected when you see all the men and women participating who may seem perfectly normal people, but watching them climb into their 4X4 off-roading vehicles and going into that wild state with no limitations will give you a chill of the lifetime. According to Gerrarians, “Rules are made for kids or professionals, but not for them”.  The Gerrarians know how to do the off-roading so smooth and perfect irrespective of bearing in mind the tensions of pretentious clothing and attire.  Often, the men seem so involved that they don’t mind going half-naked to keep moving forward on their giant jeeps like a King Tiger strolling in the forests. Team was founded by…

Kabir Waraich

Kirpal Singh Tung

Dushyant Khosla

Karan Bali

Padam Chauhan

The journey is never  easy for Gerrarians, but the zest of crossing each milestone with passion and patiently mastering the hurdles in all extreme weather conditions.  Some extreme weather conditions include snow, sand dunes, rocks, slush or jeep fording. The team has learned that failure is not an option as they believe to live and breathe just to do off-roading.  They are only forced to work to make ends meet.

Over the Years the team has won awards and trophies nationally and internationally. The journey seems fascinating, but in talking to Padam Chahuan, the co-founders of Gerrari off-roaders “Lack of choices in tires also compromises our off-roading abilities, but we have improvised with local available tractor pattern tires which has become almost a trademark of Gerrari off-roaders. “In their free time Gerrarians are busy honing off-roading skills on natural trails and enjoying whatever nature has to offer them.

The journey has never been so easy as lack of funding options in India can be challenging. However, the team is working hard to involve more and more people to join the Gerrari family.

If you’re in Punjab or a nearby area, don’t miss out on an off-roading  experience with the best off-roading team.

Sukhin Chawla

Broadcaster/ Writer

Sukhin Chawla is a freelancer writer in United States and have an experience of creative writing in more than three years. Sukhin also worked as a Broadcaster in National Television in India for two years.