5 Quick Breakfasts For The Busy Millennial Woman

quick breakfasts

Start your morning right with these quick breakfasts!

Are you a college student, or a working woman?  Either way, mornings can be really hard on just about everyone.  From running around to get ready for work, or studying until dawn, it can be stressful!  But you can’t forget to get yourself something to eat!  According to Business Insider, skipping breakfast can make you more forgetful in general, and can make you cranky.  Not only that, it can have massively bad effects on your health.  You actually have a higher risk of obesity if you skip breakfast on the regular.

However, the internet has come through for us, once again.  I’ve found some great blogs that have amazing, quick recipes for these busy mornings.

  • Mini Pancake Muffins Pancake mix inside of a muffin pan is easy enough!  Make them with fresh fruit to give yourself a boost first thing in the morning!
  • Fruit Parfaits Yogurt, fruit, and granola in a cup.  Perfect for on the go, and perfect for quick breakfasts!  You can use any fruit you can think of from berries to bananas!  And add some dark chocolate for a quick sugar and antioxidant boost.
  • Nut Butter and Banana Toast Toast can be a little bland, sometimes.  Why not spice it up with a new kind of nut butter, and some fruit on top!  This recipe also comes with your choice to add chia seeds or not.
  • Apple SandwichesThese actually sound great.  They also look incredibly easy and quick to make. With your choice of nut butter (recommended is almond), they can be also be a great source of protein.
  • Spinach and Egg Roll up — This has to be the perfect way to energize yourself.  Eating some different greens first thing, without having them be in that boring salad you packed away for lunch.

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quick breakfasts


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