6 Cute (and Inexpensive) Gifts That Come In Jars


Mason jars are everywhere these days, but they can make awesome food containers and awesome gifts.

If you browse Pinterest at all, you have probably seen some of these roaming around your Pinterest homepage.  I only saw them recently, and I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about them before.  I thought that this was such a great idea when it was introduced to me.  Inexpensive, cute, and most importantly — loving.  Whether you’re giving your friend a mini homemade spa treatment, or a dry mix for cookies, it’s the thought that counts.

Spas in a Jar

These are perfect for the friends you have who love to pamper themselves.

  • Spa in a Jar:  The website “The Gunny Sack” wrote an article on one of these.  Her pack came complete with foot rubs, bath salts, moisturizers, lip balms, nail clippers, and even chocolate truffles.  You can view the DIY instructions here.  
  • Pampering in a Jar:  “Classy Clutter” made one with materials she found at Walmart for a total of $15.  This one included nail polish, hand lotion, lip stain, fake eyelashes, face mask, an exfoliant, and a few other items.  You can see this article here.
  • Pedicure in a Jar:  This next one is just a pedicure kit, made by “Evermine”.  This included pedicure tools that the author  found at Dollar Tree for just $5, two colors of nail polish, and cotton balls.  You can see how she out them together here. 

For the Colder Months…

Winter’s coming.  What’s better than hot chocolate or tea this time of year?

  • Keep Warm Kit:  This article from “Thirty Handmade Days” is a major jar gift for warming up during the fall and winter time.  It included cloth gloves, socks, dry hot chocolate mix, hand warmers, and a kit for s’mores.  You can view it here.
  • Tea Time Mason Jars:  Another kit from “The Gunny Sack” is a tea time mason jar gift.  This has small tea samples, shortbread cookies, a tea infuser, and a small pack of honey.  Check it out here.
  • Chocolate Cookie Mix in a Jar:  This is a cookie recipe in which you put the dry ingredients in to make baking a little easier for your friend who loves little baked goods.  You only need Betty Crocker’s Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix, and semi-sweet chocolate chips.  You can read about it here.

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