10 Thanksgiving Traditions You Can Start This Year

thanksgiving traditions


Thanksgiving Day is a time that everyone enjoys with family, friends, food and sports!

It is also a time for family traditions. So while your family may already have their own Thanksgiving traditions, don’t hesitate to add a little something yourself this year. Create something new and start your own tradition to share with everybody else.

We spend this time of year so focused on the meal preparations that it’s easy to forget the true importance of Thanksgiving. Take the initiative and let others know and experience something new. Initiating new ways to spend time with family during the holidays will reinforce your bond with them. New traditions can become a yearly occurrence so be prepared.

It is also a great way to send out much-needed positivity out into the world. A tradition doesn’t have to be big; it can be small.  It’s what you make of it. Show your family and friends ways to center this holiday around being thankful for one another. Start this year with your tradition and who knows… this time next year you might even have your new Thanksgiving tradition family official. Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away and you’re just in time to introduce these easy and thoughtful tips.

1. Friendsgiving


2. Send Thank you cards to your friends and family


3. Volunteer at your local food bank

A Pet Food Bank


A food bank for the community


4. Have the kids in the family serve dessert


5. Call a family member or a friend who is away


6. Foster a dog or a cat from your local animal shelter


7. Share with each family member & friends why you are grateful for them 


8. Set the table with cherished photos of loved ones and memorable events


9. Thanksgiving Day party favors


10. Treat yourself and take time to enjoy and be grateful for the blessings in your life



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