Support Your Local Florists, Not Online Services

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Online companies actually rip money away from florists.

When a national, American holiday rolls around, endless commercials for online flower delivery services sky-rocket.  Need something for your spouse?  Want a small gift for your friend?  These services want you to get flowers to your loved ones as fast as possible.  They use local florists to deliver right to your door.  Well, that’s convenient, right?  Maybe for you, as the customer, but not for your town’s florist.

Flower shops can lose big time money going through services like the ever-advertised 1-800-Flowers.  While these flower shops can gain new customers through the use of these online services, gaining customers doesn’t help the business when they’re losing money.  How are florists losing money by using these online companies to deliver their flowers around the holidays?  Keep reading…

An article on CNN Money used the example of a deal created by online service FTD.  Their deal was a glass vase of some roses and carnations that would sell for $44.99, and be delivered right to your door.  In order to ship it, however, FTD charged to ship it for $65, and it was the florist who paid the extra fee.  This is a losing deal for the florist when you could buy the same item for $54, and the florist would receive a profit for her work, instead.

Now, shops can negotiate prices with these online deals.  However, that’s easier said then done.  Shops who have done so says that it takes up time and energy they just don’t have when they have a lot of orders on the table, and negotiating prices can even come with its own fee.  This fee to negotiate can be anywhere for $10 to $100.  The only real benefit to using these services at all is to gain new customers, as mentioned before, but that is pretty much the only advantage.

One owner, interviewed by CNN Money said that she owed $600 to Teleflora just for using their services.  “I’m actually losing money at this point,”  she told CNN Money.

So, if you’re looking for a bouquet of flowers to give your special someone, try going to your local florist instead of buying from an online service.  You’ll be helping your local community and the people who provide a floral service all year.



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