Why Having A Friend With Benefits Can Be Good For You

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Are you considering having a friend with benefits?

Someday you would like to get married and have children, but for now, you are not even sure you want a boyfriend. However, you like men, you love to have sex, but not with guys you just met. So, what choices do you have?

Let’s talk about your friend Tom. You like each other and have talked about having sex, but neither of you wants a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, even though both of you are single. Great! You have the option of being friends with benefits.

A friend with benefits is a man, whom you have known for a some time, and while you two like each other, neither wants a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. You are open to having safe sex whilst the two of you are single, just for the pleasure of it and enjoying each other’s company.

First of all, let’s list what a friend with benefits is NOT:

  • A clever way to get a man to fall in love with you. Yes, it may happen, but don’t jump into this kind of relationship for that reason or you risk getting really hurt.
  • Someone you can “use” to make your ex-boyfriend jealous. Your ex won’t care and it is not fair to your friend.
  • A boyfriend or a fiancé. If you are secretly in love with this man and what you really want is for him to be your boyfriend, this is not the relationship for you.
  • A tactic to get “accidentally” pregnant. It is not honest to take advantage of a fella to have a child without a joint prior agreement. Always use protection!
  • A means to get back at his unpleasant wife/girlfriend. No, no, no! If he’s married/in a relationship, it’s best if you just keep your distance.

So then, why can it be good for you? Read on…

  • He’s someone you can have safe sex with on a regular basis.
  • You can enjoy male company while you get ready to find a boyfriend.
  • You can keep your busy life…and still have safe sex with somebody you trust, without any hassles.
  • You get to reap the benefits of having regular sex! It can help lift your mood, fight stress, release sexual tension, etc.
  • You can learn from each other new skills between the sheets! That’s always useful knowledge to have.
  • No need to expose yourself to one-night stands because you’re craving sex. Instead, you can call your friend and invite him over.
  • If you like to be discreet with your relationships with the opposite sex, a friend with benefits is easy to keep low-key!

Hence, are you willing? Just make sure both of you get cleared of STDs and always use protection, including reliable birth control.

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Dr. Jessica Diaz-Nagel

I am a bilingual psychiatrist, writer, and life coach from Caracas, Venezuela. I love helping people, reading, and writing on different health topics. In my spare time I like to take long walks, learn new things, and travel.