Holiday Stockings For The Homeless

For most the holiday season represents family gatherings, Christmas trees and mistletoe, snowball fights followed by a table full of goodies to eat…

While the average person, will never fully understand what it is to go without the basic human necessities, such as warmth, food and shelter.

For one individual, celebrity publicist Kali Bowyer, is making a small dent in what is now a national crisis. Kali who has been an active advocate, when it comes to those in need, hopes others will get involved and do the same.

“When we deny our brothers and sisters, the God-given human rights in our society, we have done our society a grave injustice. We have failed, when children sleep on cold concrete, we have failed when our sick cannot get proper medical care, we have failed when we choose to turn the other cheek, and ignore that what is right in our face,” Kali Bowyer shares, while packing her next load of stockings to go out for delivery.

According to the national alliance for homelessness January 2015, a staggering 564,708 people were homeless on any given night. Of that number, 206,286 were people in families.

Kali Mari Bowyer

Bowyer, who has taken the meaning of “holiday stockings” to a new level, instead of gift cards, chocolate, candy canes and toys, she fills them with the necessities of life.

Inside the wool knee-socks are filled with miscellaneous toiletries; toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, hygiene wipes etc., along with extra socks, individual packets of cocoas, tea’s and soups, granola bars, etc.

“People take for granted socks.  A simple pair of socks keeps a person dry and warm, while being out in the streets.” -Kali Bowyer

While Kali has been hitting the streets of Northern California, in hopes of making a difference, she urges others to get involved as well.

“It’s a simple way to get involved.  If you can afford to fill your home with all the luxuries of life, you can most certainly afford to pay it forward. People need dry, clean warm socks. It’s cold out there. Instead of storing all those extra blankets and coats, pull them out and give them to someone who can use it,” adds Bowyer.

There are a number of missions and projects, that one can choose to donate to in various ways. Local churches, and shelters are easily found on the web.

This holiday season, remember to pay it forward.

Happy Holidays

Dorothy Smith


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