The Hottest Security Guard — Ever

guilherme officer uniform

Guys, this is huge news: We’ve just found out about the underground sexy security guard, Guilherme Leão. He’s such a hot Brazilian security guard, he probably has people offering to be handcuffed and booked by him on the regular.  The 22-year-old guard reportedly doesn’t always finish his daily rounds in time because fans constantly ask to take photos with the super-sexy officer.

Guilherme is nice enough to have an Instagram account — and he posts sexy photos of himself all the time. Here are some of our personal fave photos:

Can we wash our clothes on those abs?

guilherme leao absCourtesy of: Guisanches92/Instagram

Wearing that uniform like a pro, officer. We hope you’re calling in for backup, because things are about to get out of control.

guilherme officer uniformCourtesy of: Guisanches92/Instagram

Oh god, those sexy nerd glasses are too much.

guilherme in glassesCourtesy of: Guisanches92/Instagram

We normally think seeing someone with a toothpick in their mouth is gross… but you make them look sexy.

guilherme with a toothpickCourtesy of: Guisanches92/Instagram

In honor of Guilherme, we took the famous meme and made one just for him.

e card guilhermeCourtesy of: Someecards

Just further proof (like we needed it) that ladies love a man in uniform. Which photo of Guilherme is your favorite?