Your Next Dress Could Be Transparent! Yay?

intimacy 2.0

We love fashion at Her Daily. Watching the red carpet every season for the latest new trends is more than just a hobby… it’s an obsession.

We applaud people who push the boundaries — and still question the trend of socks + sandals. When we saw social design lab/art studio/tech company Studio Roosegaarde’s new “high-tech fashion project,” however, we became concerned. Very concerned.

This collection was featured two years ago, but if you have not seen it Studio Roosegaarde has created a dress called INTIMACY 2.0 that becomes transparent when the wearer becomes aroused. Yes, the dress becomes see-through when Ryan Gosling (or another person you’re attracted to) is near. The dress is made of leather and smart e-foils, according to Studio Roosegaarde’s website. The e-foils pick up on the dress-wearer’s heartbeat to determine when they’re becoming aroused. Go to the website (Roosegaarde) to see the video of the dress changing from transparent and back again.

“Its high-tech garments made out of opaque smart e-foils that become increasingly transparent based on close and personal encounters with people. [The dress] is daringly perfect to wear on the red carpet,” says Studio Roosegaarde rep.

This dress reminds us of the “True Love Tester” bra. You know, the bra that unhooks when you’re in love? You can read more about that here, if you haven’t already.  Why do the designers of these clothing items think they need to be invented at all? Women are capable of telling when they’re in love and aroused without the help of anything else! Does Studio Roosegaarde really think a celebrity worthy of being on the red carpet would wear something like this?

What if J.Law is walking the carpet in her INTIMACY 2.0 dress with Liam Hemsworth and suddenly everyone can see her nipples (among other body parts)? Not only would J.Law’s boyfriend, be really hurt, but J.Law would be totally embarrassed. J.Law would laugh it off like a pro — she’s amazing when it comes to recovering from embarrassing red carpet slip ups, but still!

What do you think? Would you wear one of these dresses outside of the house?