Steal Beyonce’s “Haters” Style

Beyonce Love Thy Hater Sweatshirt

Beyonce recently rocked a sweatshirt that says “Love Thy Hater.” Genius, right? Not surprisingly, this Gifted Apparel sweatshirt is unfortunately sold out. I mean, of course it is… Beyonce has the same one. But fear not, because there is a T-shirt version of this sweatshirt still available on the Gifted Apparel site for only $30 (buy it here)!

Love Thy Hater TeeCourtesy of: Gifted Apparel

Here at HerDaily, we constantly graze through Beyonce’s Tumblr just to see her amazing pics. We’ve included a few below for you to gawk at.

Beyonce StylishCourtesy of: Tumblr/Beyonce
Beyonce On A BoatCourtesy of: Tumblr/Beyonce
Beyonce CupcakeCourtesy of: Tumblr/Beyonce

You’re welcome. Also, we find it hard to believe that B actually has any haters.

Would you rock Beyonce’s sweatshirt? Tell us in the comments below!


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  • Josephine Andrews

    i would wear anything beyonce wears.