Trend Watch: Culottes

Rashida Jones Paris Fashion Week 2014

Culottes are one of the more… interesting… looks to become a fashion trend. What are culottes, you ask? They are basically wide-leg cropped pants (that are extremely hard to pull off). Their light and airy material make them the perfect pant for springtime… but maybe not the most flattering item ever.

Parks and Recreation star Rashida Jones (above, left) rocked a pair of dark-blue culottes at 2014 Paris Fashion week. She paired her cropped pants with a navy embellished jacket. She looked super stylish, we think. Actress Leelee Sobieski (above, right) flaunted denim culottes during Paris Fashion Week, too. Leelee paired her cropped pants with a tight denim top. Both of these stars made this interesting trend look better than I could’ve ever imagined.

Emporio Armani, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler and Mulberry also made culottes look fabulous at their Spring 2014 Fashion Shows. Some designers paired culottes with crop tops for a more casual, spring feel. Others gave culottes a business-like feel by pairing them with a tucked in button-up and a light blazer. OK, we admit the culottes fashion trend is growing on us a little bit as we write this.

Though culottes may not be the most flattering fashion trend… they’re probably the most comfortable. We wouldn’t be opposed to try a pair of culottes, but we’re definitely not promising that they’ll look good on us.

Would you rock a pair of culottes? Tell us your thoughts about this new trend in the comments below!


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  • Amy Seers

    Oh, no. I don’t think these are flattering at all.