This Card Should Exist: Confession

confession to make card

When you’ve messed up and need to confess something, I’ve created the perfect card.

confession card

My best friend is really forgetful. A few months ago, she left this ADORABLE sweater at work — and I promised I’d bring it home for her. But… then I fell in love with the sweater. So, I just “forgot” about the sweater for a few months (even though I wore it to work every other day) and waited for her to eventually bring it up and make me give it back. Instead, I can now give her this card and confess to stealing her top. This card is perfect for when you accidentally throw up in your neighbor’s bushes at 3a.m. (it happens), borrow your roommate’s makeup without asking or forgot to buy the toilet paper.

There are seriously so many cards that don’t exist right now for apologetic situations. Be on the lookout for more.