How To Throw A Royal Wine Tasting Party!

wine tasting party

Your parties will be the talk of the town when you know how to throw the best Royal Wine Tasting Party ever!

In order to set the mood for your royal soiree, buy fancy stationary (or make it yourself with fun ribbons or stamps) — and send invites to your best friends. Everyone loves getting snail mail, plus more people will attend if they have a physical save the date card.

Make sure to include a dress code for your event. We recommend cocktail attire and a mandatory hat (you can’t have a royal party without hats)!

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Party Prep:

Depending on how many people you invite, buy between four and eight bottles of wine. Make half the bottles white and half the bottles red (if you can drink more, more power to you!). A good tip: Buy one bottle of wine for every two guests who RSVP.

Ask guests to bring their own wine glass for the tasting. Or, if you’re into antique shopping (which is soooo fun), pick up a vintage glass for everyone use. It’s a super fun shopping trip for you — and an adorable keepsake for your friends.

Pick up an array of cheese and crackers to put on the table (the more the merrier). Add in some grapes and chocolate (lots of chocolate!) for a food platter that everyone will enjoy. Grab some tea (English Breakfast) and crumpets (aka cookies) for an easy dessert!

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Party Time:

Once the party starts, have each one of your girlfriends make their own wine charm (so they know which glass is theirs). You can do this with fun British-themed stickers or get really fancy and make different colored bead charms. You can even decorate your home or backyard with cute British flag banners.

Enlist a family member or boyfriend to serve the wine throughout the party! It is a fun touch and will make your BFFs feel pampered (which every girl deserves now and then).

Let your server pamper your guests and explain each wine before everyone tastes each glass. Make sure you have a bucket to pour the wine out in the off-chance that someone doesn’t finish her glass which, (let’s be serious) will be frowned upon.

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After Party:

After you enjoy lots of wine and some serious girl talk, head inside for some dessert! For dessert we recommend cookies (Digestives), or pastries with a cup of tea.

Top off your night by watching a British reality show and don’t forget to speak with a British accent!

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Keep Calm and Wine Taste On!


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