Is Listening To Music Bad During Yoga?

yoga teacher

And the answer is no… and yes. It depends. Let me explain…

One of the main reasons I do yoga is to have a chance to completely zone out and let my mind go quiet. Sometimes, music can help me get to my quiet place faster. Other days, the music is so distracting I’m constantly wondering, “Oooh I love this song, I wonder who sings it,” or other thoughts that take me out of my quiet mindset.

Listening to music can become a crutch when it comes to yoga. It’s hard to sit still, be quiet and listen to your thoughts if there’s sound. Listening to music makes ignoring those thoughts easier, but it can also mean you’re not dealing with whatever thoughts you might not want to confront.

However, if you’re one of those people who just can’t workout or do yoga without music, then by all means — listen to music. Try to listen to tunes you’re familiar with, though, so you’re not trying to Shazaam every song that comes on (or maybe that’s just me…). Also, don’t listen to music the entire length of your yoga practice. Have just five minutes of silence at the beginning and end (or however long your savasana is) so you can really focus on your breath — and appreciate the silence.

You can also listen to tapes of sounds.  For example, the sounds of the ocean, the sounds of nature or soothing music made specifically to go with your yoga practice.  Sometimes the sounds can make you feel as though you are in outer space.  It is a really peaceful and exhilarating feeling.  When this type of music or sounds are playing, you can zone out the world with no problem at all.

The next time you need something to take you to the next level in your yoga practice, try listening to nature and/or the sounds of the earth.