Bye Bye Basic – This Fashion Trend Is All About Flare

This Spring and Summer, fashion abandons the bland and basic styles of normcore in favor of something with more… flare.

By “flare” I don’t necessarily mean flashy, (although this trend can be that too). I mean actual flares. You know… those pants from the 60s and 70s that flare outwards from the knee down. If you were actually around in the 60s or 70s, you may know them by a different name: bell-bottoms.

Before you groan and mumble something disparaging about hippies, consider that flares inspired the popular boot-cut style of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Boot-cut was basically just bell-bottoms that didn’t flare out as widely at the bottom.

For those of us who were never big fans of the skinny jeans and *shiver* jeggings that have held us all captive since sometime in 2006, flares are a step in the right direction. They can, however, be a difficult cut to pull off properly.

A few tips for making flares work for you:

If you’re on the curvy side, flares can be an ideal cut that helps balance out your hips. Just be sure that the flare isn’t too exaggerated for your frame. Taller ladies, life myself, can generally pull off pants with a wider, more dramatic flare at the bottom. Petite women should opt for pants with a more gradual flare that’s closer to a boot-cut than a bell-bottom.

Melissa Dahlke

Melissa loves learning new things, exploring new places, and eating amazing food. Inspired to pursue her dreams, one of which was writing, Mely quit her corporate job 7 years ago. She has been happily working from home and hotel rooms ever since.

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