7 “Feminine” Things Men Should Try

There are definitely certain luxuries women enjoy that men can also benefit from. When it comes to expressing feelings and pampering ourselves, women are given a pass to indulge. However, men should be allowed to join in on the fun as well. After all, true gender equality means we learn a bit from both sides. Here are a few things that men should try in order to get in touch with their softer alter ego.

  1. Experiment With Your Hair

Men normally have a go-to hairstyle that they stick with for ages. But have you ever thought about switching it up? Much like your wardrobe, hair is another accessory that helps shape how you feel. A new haircut or dye job could be the key to a happier, and cuter you.

  1. Have A Spa Day with Your Boys

The soft lighting, soothing music, and overall ambiance of a spa does wonders for the body. Everyone can benefit from a good massage and relaxing steam bath. So plan a spa trip with your pals. You guys will really enjoy being treated like kings for a day.

  1. Get A Manicure With Your Girlfriend

Having neat and clean hands is just a part of good hygiene. Men work hard and their bodies go through wear and tear, so a good mani/pedi should be a part of your general upkeep. Next time your girlfriend goes for her weekly manicure, tag along.

  1. Watch A Romantic Comedy By Yourself

Romantic comedies are like the birds and the bees talk, in movie form. Men love action and adventure but there’s nothing wrong with a little romance. Watching one of these films might also give you some great date ideas. So go exploring on Netflix to find a good love story.

  1. Gossip with Your Boo

Women love to get together and dish on the latest dirt. Men claim not to gossip, but we all know that’s a lie. So boys don’t be afraid to spill the beans with your partner sometimes. It could bring you two closer together.

  1. Have a Good Cry

Known for being the more emotional sex, women have no problem letting the waterworks flow. Crying is a great emotional release for those times when you just don’t know how else to let it out. Believe it or not, men can benefit from this as well. So guys next time you’re feeling down, let a couple of tears fall. You can even do it in private if you’re worried about your rep.

7. Buy Some Sexy Underwear

Women spend hundreds of dollars a year buying undergarments, simply because we have more private parts to cover up. However, buying lingerie is actually a very fun experience. Knowing that we have a cute Victoria’s Secret set on beneath our regular clothes gives us an extra boost of confidence. So splurge on a pair of silk boxers or Egyptian cotton briefs. I promise you’ll feel like a stud.


Leonye McCalla

A self proclaimed gypsy and food lover. I can never stay in one place for too long which ties into my love for food from all around the world. When I'm not writing, I'm listening to music and eating. I especially love 90s r&b and seafood. They go great together.

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