Black Friday Fashion: Deal or No Deal

Thanksgiving makes us think of all the wonderful things in our lives: family, food, naps, and football. While we are eating to the point of oblivion some savvy customers are plotting out their devious Black Friday shopping strategies. With many stores now opening on Thanksgiving night, there is almost no time for the post-food coma nap. If you believe that you’ll have plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead, then you’re in for some killer deals. But, if after a plate topped with turkey and a mountain of mashed potatoes you just can’t even, then look no further for places and methods in which to get the most bang for your buck, even before Turkey Day.

Graphic Sweaters

If you want to look stylish and be comfortable at the next holiday party, pick one of these up.  From punchy prints to sequin details, these sweaters will put you in a festive mood just by wearing it – they’re the perfect solution if you’re feeling a little bah-humbug this year. Wildfox is a leader in the fun sweater department. Many more sweaters found here. Input your e-mail for an extra 15% off your first order.


Drake made a little music video( maaaaybe you’ve seen it) in which he sports a turtleneck and equally killer questionable dance moves. Now it seems that turtlenecks are cool again. Zara took note, stocking their digital shelves with versions ranging from lightweight cotton to chunky knits. Prices range from $25-40.

Faux-Fur Outerwear

On a coat, scarf, vest….fur is always in style for fall/winter, but 2015 is taking it to a whole new level. When a trend becomes this saturated in the fashion market, it suddenly becomes available at all price points, even when it has typically been reserved for high-end buyers. This is a great way to add a sophisticated touch to any outfit. Add just a bit of fur with this coat, or go bold or go home with this full fur jacket, from Express. Currently there is a 40% off sale, and another one is expected to hit stores and online on Black Friday.

Knee/Thigh High Boots

These boots are a great way to add some pizazz to an outfi, giving it a distinctly fall vibe. Thigh-high boots work as a great addition to transition some of your favorite summer pieces into the cooler months. These two styles from H&M are examples of the many you can find for under $60. Sign up for e-mail and receive an extra 20% off, or donate old clothing or textiles you no longer find suit your style, and receive a 15% off coupon in-store, towards new purchases.

Leggings with cool details

These are an excuse to wear comfy clothing, while still looking like you actually tried! Effortless and comfortable – a winner in everyone’s book. Victoria’s Secret hands down, has the best ones. Find them here. Get a secret reward card worth anywhere from $10-$500 with every purchase. Expect free gifts with purchase and more sales coming Black Friday.

Black Friday is basically national holiday in and of itself, and many families find it to be one of the events they look forward to partaking in together. If you don’t feel like waiting in line 2 hours before stores open, for the best deals, do not worry! Many clothing stores have sales all weekend long, to attract more holiday shoppers. That is my personal strategy of choice; to relax at home and avoid shoppers trying to run me over with their cart for a $20 microwave, then hit the sales over the weekend or to keep using different e-mail addresses to get coupon codes again, and again.

Happy Shopping!

Christine Duff

I’m Christine, a typical writer addicted to coffee and Pretty Little Liars. Just kidding, coffee makes me lose my mind and I still don’t know who “A” is. With a BA in Communications I’m a social science nerd, dropping theoretical explanations about human behavior in conversations with people who don’t care. As a recent FIDM grad, and current fashion hopeful in LA, I’m just trying to get my life together and make it in this crazy city. I’m a lover of leather jackets, rock & roll and puns. I moonlight as a dance party junky and you’ll find me when the bass drops.