Perks of Being Single During the Holidays

With the holidays in tow, romance is in the air. However, not everyone’s feeling the love. Many people find themselves single this time of year, and embracing it! Here are some perks of being single during the holidays!

You Get to Spend More Time with Friends: The holidays are the one time of year that it seems everyone is back in town. When you’re single you can meet with your friends whenever you want, and not have to ditch plans with your significant other. Also, it leaves more time for binge watching Christmas movies while drinking spiked hot chocolate with your girls.

No Tension Over Presents: You don’t need to buy any expensive gadgets on Amazon or Brookstone. There is no worriy about if your bae will like it or wondering if they already own something similar. You don’t need to act surprised if you’re not quite interested in the present you received either.

No Awkward Family Questions: As much as being asked “Why are you single?” sucks, it’s much easier to diverge than “Why haven’t you married him/her yet?” or “When are you having children?” It’s a double dose of awkward if that significant other happens to be standing beside you when that conversation takes place…

No Strange Rooming Situations: Many families are not keen on unmarried couples sharing a room while visiting on the holidays. So there is no stress of sneaking into each other’s rooms, or getting caught by your parents, yikes.

Mistletoe and Mischief: There are tons of holiday parties, which means lots of opportunities to hookup. Have an office crush, or a friend of a friend’s who you’ve thought is cute but never had the courage to talk to? This is your chance! When you’re single, and drunk on eggnog or mulled wine, you can take advantage of these holiday induced moments.

You Can Travel Where You Want: There is no bickering over whose family you should spend the holidays with or where to travel for New Year’s. You are fully in control of how to spend your holiday season. So go out and do you!

You Can Binge Out and Hibernate: When you’re single you can eat all that Advent Calendar chocolate in one sitting, or that tin of Christmas cookies while having Love Actually on replay, and feel no shame.

You Can Self Reflect For the Upcoming Year: One of the greatest perks of being single is that you can plan your life for the next year with no entanglements. You can plan all those adventures, decide to take that promotion in a new city, and create goals that will make you grow as an individual.

Being in a relationship is awesome but so is being single. If you’re single during the holidays realize you’re not alone, and remember each year varies with differing experiences. Some holidays we are single, and others with are in relationships, and that’s totally okay! Your twenty-somethings are supposed to be an unpredictable rollercoaster, and with each year these experiences will build a better you. Now if you excuse, I’m going to put on my polar bear pajamas, make a giant mug of chocolate, and watch Love Actually.

Have a lovely holiday season!